Political and Legal Advocacy

“Everything, then, depends on our ability to see the need for a change of heart, attitudes and lifestyles. Otherwise, political propaganda, the media and the shapers of public opinion will continue to promote an individualistic and uncritical culture subservient to unregulated economic interests and societal institutions at the service of those who already enjoy too much power.” -Fratelli Tutti, 1

The Catholic Action Map

An ongoing directory of Catholic organizations working on social and political issues

Legislative Scorecard

Votes on most bills in Congress, rated by whether or not they align with Catholic Social Teaching. See how your rep voted!

Action Centers

It's time for Catholics to make our voices heard - on every issue. No more compromise, no more watering down. Speak out!

Public Interest Law

We contribute amicus briefs and pro bono work for cases relevant to Catholic Social Teaching


Catholic Social Action partners with the Congress for the New Urbanism for a letter to the US government calling for a new approach to our nation's highways - one based on restoring communities that support an integral humanism, solidarity, and common life

The Solidarity Policy Center

CSA's flagship think tank promoting public policies that serve the common good

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