Parish Renewal

"So, it’s worth considering [trends in Catholic political thought] in combination with the nonintellectual trend that’s most likely to reshape institutional American Catholicism in our lifetime. That trend, that reality, is widespread structural collapse. -Ross Douthat, Catholic Ideas and Catholic Realities

The Parish Buy Nothing Project

Working to create simple, scale-able networks for the free sharing of goods in parish life

The Church Resiliency Institute

A separate website housing resources and courses to guide parishes through a transition from fragile to resilient and sustainable

Pro-bono Vocations Consulting

We take the view that many of the crises in the Church are downstream from the current crisis in vocations. The current generation of seminarians is an excellent one - we need ten times as many.

The Transition Parish

A planned conference at Notre Dame with urbanists, real estate planners, diocesan officials, disaster relief officials, and green architects to talk about turning the Church's property crisis into an opportunity