Direct Action

"...without any sense of their own absurdity, those with the most power and money have been able to immunize themselves from risk, while by their decisions and actions exposing the weakest and most vulnerable to risk and making them pay the costs, when those decisions and actions go astray. They have identified themselves as having an interest that can only be served and a status that can only be preserved if the common goods of family, workplace, and school are not served. Disagreement with them and with those theorists dedicated to the preservation of the economic and political order in which they flourish is therefore of a very different kind from most other theoretical and philosophical disagreements. It is and should be pursued as a prologue to prolonged social conflict. -Alasdair Macintyre, Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity

The March for Black Life

CSA's founding event - joining in protest with Black Americans against police shootings

Supreme Court Vigil Against Abortion

The official March for Life may have been cancelled, but we went anyway. We helped organize a Traditional Latin Mass, and held an all-night prayer vigil in front of the Supreme Court.

The March for Medicare for All

Protest Against Abortion Research

Major universities profit from and perform hideous research using aborted fetal tissue. They hide it - we bring it to light.

Let's get to work. Will you help us?

You are in fact made in the image of God, and can act with virtue in these turbulent times.